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What We Do:

What We Do

With a combined resource of over 100 years in Fortune 500 management, the partners at WEB Ventures founded the company in 2015 as a Business Management and Consulting enterprise.


Today the company works with a variety of companies and development organizations, assisting them in many areas of operations, including people management, project management, construction management, strategic planning, financial success forecasting, and a variety of other business needs.

In addition, the team leads efforts to increase diversity in public and private projects by leveraging the economic power of large construction developments to create opportunities for minority-owned and women-owned businesses.

With a pipeline of minority/women-owned business companies, WEB Ventures connects owners and developers to business enterprises to create win-win opportunities to work together, which would otherwise not have happened. 

WEB Ventures changes the lives of individuals in the community by connecting local residents with career and training opportunities through their unique partnership with job readiness providers and skilled craft organizations.

WEB Ventures' DEI work has been honored and recognized throughout the community for significantly increasing the engagement and revenue stream of minority and women-owned businesses on numerous local development and construction projects.

Cincinnati's Uptown Consortium enjoys a special and unique partnership with WEB Ventures enabling them to have a significant DEI impact on their uptown community development projects.


  • Business, Organizational and Individual Coaching and Strategic Planning

  • Develop and Implement Strategies to Optimize Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Workforce Engagement in Construction and Management Projects



What is WEB Ventures?

What is WEB Ventures?

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